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New York, NY

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reply to Max Signal

Re: Sprint's Bait and Switch on Unlimited 4G Mobile Broadband

Yes, I've been keeping that option in my back pocket all along.

I'm not prepared, however, to give up on Sprint yet. My lawyer still thinks we have a case. So he and I are prepared to keep up this preliminary sparring to see how it all works out. My lawyer has warned me that, at some point, the two of us will have to sit down, game-plan out our legal case and work out how we're going to make it fly. Mind you, he still thinks we have a clear path to a persuasive case, in small-claims court or wherever; but he has always said that we should be prepared to consider any alternatives that might be offered.

My lawyer believes it may not even come to a court case. After a few more months of this headache, he suspects Sprint will try something different to make it all go away, perhaps a quadrupling of Sprint's maximum data cap, e.g. approx. 50 gigs per month, or something like that, accompanied by some sort of increase of the monthly fee, perhaps doubling it to $120 or something like that.

The exact details of any deal are very murky obviously, as my lawyer guesses we're still one or two months away from that. But he expects that some offer like that is more likely than a court case.

Personally, after reading that AT & T case, I think we can win in small claims, but I'm perfectly happy with some other outcome as long as it acknowledges either that cancellation of the Unlimited 4G and its replacement by a 5-gig-capped 4G connection is not covered by the TAC and constitutes an illegal and fraudulent termination of service rather than merely a change in service, or that such a termination, and replacement with a data-capped service, constitutes an alteration that is not covered in the TAC, and which therefore requires my consent.

Also, with regard to Wireless 'N' WiFi (WNW), I have always had some misgivings, even though everyone I've spoken to there seems really nice. My concern is that, in today's bitter economic climate, they may go belly-up, leaving me high and dry.

I'm also concerned that they are dependent on the good graces of Clear for their 4G Wimax network and on Sprint for their 3G network. What if one or both of them simply tells Wireless 'N' WiFi to take a hike, that they no longer want their product to be resold by WNW? Once again, I could be left high and dry.

So that's another reason why WNW, while the most obvious alternative to my current situation, remains less than an ideal solution for me, in my opinion.