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Interested in the continuing user reviews, please post some more.
Also, has anyone successfully reverted back to MagicJack usage ?

PX Eliezer70
Hutt River


reply to Dave328

Re: Reviews MJ+ what a disappointment, be forwarned

The original MJ served me fairly well for 3 years. After reading so many negative comments about the company, I never thought my day would come when I have to say something bad. But here I am.

I wanted to run MJ without a computer, so I bought the MJ+ shortly after it came out. Of course, a week later, Dan sends out his email with the 1/2 off offer. My current MJ had a couple of months left on the subscription, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to run both and transition over.

I used my current MJ account, and added the MJ+ to it with the same phone number. Big mistake! It is important to understand you can get majorly screwed by how you set this up if you have an existing account. My advice, set this thing up totally separately with a separate account and phone number.

1. With the original MJ, I used their prepaid international calling service to call China regularly. This service has a nice feature where where you can add a single phone number, say your cellfone, to use the international calling feature by calling into a special number. The system recognizes you by the number you setup in your account. After the original MJ subscription expired, I went into the MJ+ settings to move my cellfone from the MJ to the MJ+ account and it tells me the number is already in use. Since the MJ subscription is expired, I can no longer access the settings for this device. Had a chat session with tech support 2 months ago with a promise to get back with me, still waiting.

2. 911 service. Since I tied these 2 device together on the same account with the same phone number, I can not setup the 911 feature on the MJ+ when plugged into the computer. In the chat session mentioned above, I was told that in this case, the now expired MJ is required for changing the 911 info. Unbelievable! Now I have to keep this device on hand to change 911 info on the new MJ+.

3. I had over $13+ in my MJ prepaid international calling account when the subscription expired. In the chat session mentioned above, I asked that they transfer it to the new MJ+ device. They refused. After some complaining, they said they would transfer it over. Guess what, they didn't. They really know how to take good care of good long-term customers. (If I didn't know any better, I think they are trying to model themselves after the old phone companies) BTW, we spend about $50/yr on international calling.

4. The whole purpose for buying the MJ+ in the first place was to get the computer out of the picture. But unfortunately, while plugged into the LAN without a computer, the MJ+ will consistently drop a call any where from 1 minute to 20 minutes into a call. Now I have it plugged back into the computer again where it is reliable. I'm not even going to bother calling tech support on this one. I'm getting to the point where I'm just going to take the loss, toss the thing in the trash, and look at NetTalk.

Thanks alot Dan.