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Pink Pecker
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[Chrome] Facebook "Like" doesn't work on external site

When visiting other sites in Chrome, if there's a facebook "Like" or "Recommend" button, and I click it, I get a pop up window, which disappears quickly, and nothing happens. The "Like" isn't registered.

I think this has to do wihh facebook app permissions or Chrome settings. It's possible that there is a setting in Chrome that's blocking the connection. (It used to work, but doesn't now. If I try the same in IE, I can get it to work.) I have Chrome set to allow facebook to set cookies and Chrome Vanilla has facebook on its whitelist.

When I click the facebook share button on the same page (to the right of the photo), it does correctly open up the facebook sharer in a new tab.

For example, at this link »www.breitbart.com/Big-Peace/2012···-us-safe there is a "Recommend" button below the picture. Next to that, for me it says "20 recommendations Sign up to see what your friends recommend"

"Sign Up" is hotlinked...so the site can't tell that I'm currently logged into facebook in another tab. Something is blocking that site (and many other sites) from seeing that I am already on facebook.

When I click that Recommend button, there's a pop up that disappears quickly. (I have added breitbart.com and facebook.com to Allow Popups in Chrome and have also tried allowing all sites to create pop ups in chrome. I don't think it's the pop up blocker.) The URL in that pop up is facebook.com/connect/connect_to_external....etc.

If I log into facebook in IE and go to the same article, I don't get that "Sign Up" link next to the "Recommend" button - and the button works as designed.

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