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Kanata, ON

[TV] HD PVR goes black for a couple seconds

Hello all. Looking for a bit of help on this issue as I have less experience on the TV side of things. I have an Explorer 8642 HD PVR box and lately (last couple weeks) we have been having issues with the screen going black. Hard to explain, but here goes:

While watching the TV (either live TV or a recorded show off the PVR) the screen will intermittently go black for about 2-3 seconds. It happens on multiple channels - both HD and SD - and through a wide range of the channel scope. The interesting part to me is that if we rewind and re-watch the part that blacked out, it plays perfectly fine. So the content is there - its just not displaying properly. And if we pause (either live TV or recorded) after the black screen happens, it still goes away after a couple seconds.

Any thoughts from folks out there? Its really starting to get annoying!

Toronto, ON
Maybe it's losing the HDMI connection. Have you tried another cable, or another HDMI port on your TV?

You can also try component cable, it's also HD but not digital. Just to compare.


Kanata, ON
Hey thanks for the thought! It was a weird set of circumstances but it seems to be happy (no blackness anymore). I tried the following:

1 - swap the cable from HDMI 2 to HDMI 1 (still problems)

So I grabbed a different HDMI cable that I already had...

2 - use the new HDMI cable in HDMI 2 (still problems)
3 - swap the new cable over to HDMI 1... and its been fine ever since!

I guess I'll find out if HDMI 2 is also having issues as I've now got my PS3 hooked up to it. I've got my fingers crossed.

Weird combination from my perspective. But I'm just happy that its working again!

the cerberus

Richmond Hill, ON
I had this problem with an 8642 and tried replacing the HDMI cable, but it didnt help, in the end what solved it was swapping the box out for a new one, so if you notice the problem comes back, that would be my suggestion.