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East Freedom, PA

Working VT behind PF.

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I posted before about VT and PF Sense I have some updates to my config to share.
Here is my other old post
»pf Sense and Via Talk
I am going to cover all of the changes.

First create a ticket and get the admin password my advice is do not change the password if you lose it you will need to send the PAP2 back to VT I know I lost it.

1 Install PF Ver 2.0 and install the SIProxD package then configure the LAN WAN and port settings.
View Pic SIProxD

2 Turn off Provisioning and Rysync on reset
View Pic Called Provisioning

3 Change the time zone so caller ID is correct.
View pic Regional-Misc

4 Now to finish the job
Change NAT mapping to NO
NAT keep alive to YES
NAT keep alive change this to your proxy address
Outbound change this to your PF sense IP address
Use outbound proxy YES

Check the registration status in SIProxD and you should see an entry and it would be a good idea to setup traffic shaping.