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FTTH with Sonicwall TZ200

Hello All,

Key Facts:

We have a new internet connection with Movistar.
It is a 100/10 Mbit line.
We want to use the TZ200 as our main router.
The Fiber Optic router is a ONT I240
The internet router that movistar supplies you with is a Irouter 1104w

Key Updates:

I had spoken with the ISP (Movistar) and they have told me that I do not need the information regarding VLANs in the configuration, however I tested this theory by removing the VLAN setting (OEM Movistar Router) and leaving it blank. The internet did not work, therefor the VLAN information is very important!
The Movistar router does not support bridge mode
Today I went out an bought 3 Ethernet routers. (Cisco (E4200-EZ), ovislink (EVOw300AR) and sitecom 150N). Tried to setup PPPOE, none of them worked, there was no setting for VLAN that I could see

Some little success, if you want to call it that.

I have tried the 3 router setup - NT I240 > Irouter 1104w > Sonicwall TZ200. Following results by setting a static IP in the Sonicwall TZ200.

TEST CASE 1 NT I240 > Irouter 1104w

Speednet.com (50.2Mbit / 5.01 Mbit)
Download Vista SP1 (5.5MB a sec)

TEST CASE 2 NT I240 > Irouter 1104w > Sonicwall TZ200

Speednet.com (10.1Mbit / 5.01 Mbit)
Download Vista SP1 (1.7MB a sec)

Ok, I think I am getting somewhere, I think. On another forum there is this message:

I use 802.1q tag, otherwise the ONT doesn't respond to any request.

Now the sonicwall TZ200 has 802.1q, it states (Enable 802.1q tagging).

If anyone has any knowledge of this. Please advise