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Problem connecting mac via vpn to Windows server 2003

I've asked in the mac forum, vpn forum and hopefully someone can help me here since no one can in the other forums.

Figured I'd link to my thread in the mac forum and maybe someone could help me here.

»[OS X] Problem with VPN connecting to windows server 2003

I can connect to the VPN fine with windows 7 and access the server on\files. I can connect with the macbook pro but can not access the server, ping or anything. Also when connecting from my windows 7 box checking whatismyip.com it is the ip of the vpn (184.x.x.x) but on the mac it is my ip which is a 207.x.x.x

I have fought this for going on 3 days now and need it working badly. The windows server 2003 server was giving the computers a 169 address but I redone it to give a ip address of 192.168.1.xxx but even like that I still can not access the server via the macbook pro. It connects, receives a 192 address but I can't ping the server, connect to it or anything.

Does anyone know a fix to this or how to do it? I am using the built in vpn on macbook.
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