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Hamilton, ON

[DSL] To the Cellpipers, (loss of synch-et.al) pt2.

I had a tech show this afternoon. I was without my happy-green sync lite. Hamilton was having many issues.

There were 2 outside my unit yesterday. I thouht that they might fix the problem all together. But no.

I told the guy about the problems. He went outside. My beloved missing sync lite has returned to me.

When the tech came back he described the issue. "There were 2 cards that were in the box. One had, 25/7, the other had another speed all together, so they were doing a tug of war. So that was causing all the problems.'

So I hope that he is right, and no more WHAMMIEs.
UBB - Universal Butt Banged. Thank-you Bell My I have another.