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Brooklyn, NY
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Re: The heat is on

said by uhno :

More likely James is pissed about the whole FCC report last year and is trying to get things back in shape.

Also, your salary information is way off base, but that's typical union propaganda.

About Cablevision throttling speeds from 15 megabits down to 5? If they're gonna sell a 15 megabit tier for $29.95, then it should be 15 megabits a MAJORITY of the 24/7/30 days you pay for it! Verizon FIOS runs rings around a throttled service which the FCC finally called it like they saw it.. the real deal is they have to SPEND MONEY to split nodes where necessary and run more fiber optics. Competing in NY Metro costs money and you can't slide by just by having cheaper prices.

From what I've experienced at one customer's home out on eastern LI, they did raise the speeds, they now hover btw 10 and 18 (NO WAY are they getting 20 as "advertised")megabits down, but unexpectedly throttled the 2 - 2.1 megabits UPLOAD to about 1.6??!