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reply to koolman2

Re: Logo only on AT&T

I'll be a nerd and say, Technically the iPhone 4S has a HSPA radio, 14.4Mbps not HSPA+ 21Mbps. The ITU relaxed the rules and said anything that's 14.4 and up is 4G so that's why they can do it on the iPhone 4S but not the 4 as that's a HSDPA (+HSUPA) device.

Apple should have done it on all iPhone 4S devices but I agree that they shouldn't have bent to AT&T in the first place. Call it what it is, Android (stock) puts a H there or H+ to signal HSPA+ rather than "4G" then it falls back to 3G when idle. That, IMO is how it's supposed to be done. Leave 4G for LTE devices as that is a definitely different generation being a completely new network and all that.


Sayreville, NJ
agreed. this is def. a load of crap by AT&T! Apple should know better than to stoop down to their level! but then again.. Apple can say it's "MAGICAL" and the iSheep will fall for it!

Anchorage, AK
reply to SHoTTa35
14 Mbps HSPA is part of the HSPA+ standard, but that's not the point. Both my carrier's network and AT&T's network where I live are HSPA+ 21 Mbps, and on my phone it says 3G. If I pop an AT&T SIM in, it says 4G.