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Sterling, VA

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reply to rody_44

Re: [NFL] Redskins acquire 2nd pick in draft

Well first of all, just about everyone did it. One obvious example is the Julius Peppers contract. But since we did it arbitrarily "the most" we are being punished severely for it. Another example is the reverse, since there was no CBA, there was no salary floor either, and the Bucs were under that. Where is their penalty? The league is a complete joke if it allows this penalty to stand.

Here's a great article on this:



Jenks, OK

The league is hilarious.

NFL: "Let's have a lock out and no CBA, a byproduct of which is there is no salary cap in effect for a while."

Washington: "Cool. Let's front load a bunch of contracts to fit payments into the uncapped window."

NFL: "Wait! There are no explicit rules, but you can't do that because you violated the spirit of the non-existent rule and, well, because! Waaaahhh!"

Washington: "Ruh-roh. We're screwed."
Ha ha haaaaaaa....ever get the feeling you've been cheated?

- John Lydon, last Sex Pistols show


reply to AB

said by AB:

Jarvis Jenkins has never played a regular-season down in the NFL. LaRon Landry has run hot-and-cold his entire career, and unless I've missed some news, there's no guarantee he'll even be on the team come opening weekend. So I wouldn't want to pin too large of hopes on those two.

Landry can be a factor when he's on the field. Jenkins looks like he well might be a good player.

I agree with you on Landry... As for Jenkins, no he hasnt played a down in the NFL Reg. Season, but neither has RGIII, yet everyone is going nuts over him. I think Jenkins will put in some work this season along with Cofield..

said by rody_44:

No they gave up three first rounders and a second rounder.

Semantics.. They claim the Skins gave up a first rounder this season, making it seem like we dont pick at all this year in the first round, which obviously is not true. Whatever the case, I dont care.. I did not want Peyton Manning unless he wanted us (and he doesn't) so... We did what we did and Im glad we did it. Cannot wait to see what this kid can do..

Leesburg, VA

Jenkins gave every indication he'll be a fine player, maybe even a star. But just like RGIII, we don't know yet.


Lynnwood, WA
reply to fatness

Apparently, there were some serious competition for the 2nd pick, and that may very well explain the steep price:

Cleveland Browns president Mike Holmgren said the team did all it could to move up in the NFL draft to get quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Holmgren, speaking with some of the team’s season-ticket holders on a conference call Thursday, said the Browns made a strong offer to St. Louis to try and get the No. 2 pick in next month’s draft, a pick they would have used to select the Baylor quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner.

Holmgren said the Browns’ bid “was every bit the offer that was chosen.”

Methinks given the price of the 2nd pick, the Colts could've just kept Peyton and trade their pick, and then draft his replacement in a year or two.
Wacky Races 2012!

Premium,ex-mod 01-13

Holmgren's such a whiner.

But while Holmgren claimed that the Browns made “every bit the offer” that the Rams accepted from the Redskins, Holmgren didn’t disclose the terms. Was it three first-round picks and a second-round pick? Or was it some other package that Holmgren believes the Rams should have regarded as equivalent?

Peter King of SI.com reports via Twitter that Rams G.M. Les Snead instructed teams to make their best offer. The Redskins did and the Browns did. Then, the Browns wanted to make another offer, but the Rams had already decided to accept what the Redskins had offered.
hey Dale

Leesburg, VA

Maybe the Browns figured their second-best offer would be the one to turn the trick after their best offer failed.