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Fayetteville, NC

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[Praise] Toyota service

So I was on vacation at Disney last week with the kids, and just about 30 minutes to the park the VSC Check Engine light comes on. I check the manual and see it's something about vehicle stability. Anyway it was a "certified used vehicle", so I called the Toyota number, they had it flatbed towed from my Disney resort parking lot that evening, and the next morning bright and early they came back to pick me up to get my car.

The tow, repair, and picking me cost me nothing.

I know I had the service when I bought the car, but it was nice to not have a hassle when actually trying to use the warranty service, especially while on vacation not in my hometown.
Therapy Chicks

Warner Robins, GA
My impression is that in anything dealing with the braking system or throttle system Toyota has changed its attitude and wants all such system issues to be taken seriously. Toyota dealers and support contractors appear to have been told to provide exemplary customer service for these issues, no matter where the Toyota vehicle was purchased. That means you worry about reimbursement from Toyota later, and take care of the customer as soon as safely possible. If you have to flatbed tow the car 300 miles, do it. Worry about reimbursement after the customer is taken care of. Toyota will give you some kind of financial compensation for your work. Now if your air conditioning does not work, do not expect the same level of service. This is about real serious safety issues.

Quakertown, PA
reply to TherapyChick
Toyota has always had superior service. I wouldnt expect them to toe a car for air conditioning issues. The toyota dealer i use milham toyota always has letters on the bulletin board from people that cant believe how well they were handled. They took a hit for quality in the last two years but you hardly ever hear anyone complain about how they handle service issues.

Fair and Balanced
Katy, TX
reply to TherapyChick
What dealer or shop fixed it?


Fayetteville, NC
Central Florida Toyota in Orlando.
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