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Ottawa, ON

[Express] Rogers Upload Speed - Ottawa Area

New to Rogers...my download speed has vastly improved over Bell since I switched --- 27.89 Mbps Rogers versus 2.01 Mbps Bell. I can't say the same is true for my upload speed which seems to be "capped" at 0.50 Mbps. This is the same speed I was getting with Bell.

Are there caps for upload in place with Express Rogers or is this because of my package? Should I call and see if I can get this adjusted? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thx.


Nice that your getting 28 mbps on express. I still on the old plan and speedboost never gave me more than 4-5 extra mbps. I guess the Docsis 3 really does make a difference.

The upload is meant to go up to 2mbps for express whenever rogers gets around to upgrading your area. But currently 0.5mbps is what you should be getting for your package.


Nepean, ON
reply to Cposer
Nothing wrong or funny going on. Express upload speed is 0.5 Mbps.

»www.rogers.com/web/link/hispeedB ··· ultPlans


Ottawa, ON
reply to Cposer
Thanks for the information. It's much better than what I was getting with Bell.

Even with a potsplit line for the modem (a new replacement, 20 or so technicians, 5 or 6 calls to repairs every couple of months etc.) no one could fix the noise on my telephone line which impacted the internet, even with a dedicated potsplit line. Eveyone had a solution who came to my home from Bell. Nothing ever stuck.

It was the last technician who finally, after 6 years said to me, you will never get any better service here due to infrastructure issues - there are about 100 houses in my area that are not connected to the Fibre that runs to the north and south of my community. Some HQ decision which has a huge impact.

Oh well, I am very happy with my new Rogers service. I hope the shine doesn't wear off too soon.



Ottawa, ON
reply to Cposer
You're definitely getting the right speed for your package. I'm getting 1Mbps with Extreme. Rogers have increased upload speeds in some parts of the GTA, and apparently after that they'll be upgrading the other areas. The Rogers rep who mentioned that on some forum around here said it would take a while (years?), so don't hold your breath.

I was with Bell for high speed from 1999 to 2003. That was the original high-speed service with 1Mpbs download speeds (can't remember what the upload speed was). Hey, that was extremely fast back then, compared to a 56Kbps modem that tied the phone line.