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DSL service outages

Since Dec 2011 I had upgraded ADSL from 512k to (max CenturyLink could configure) 3mb. They initially configured me for 8mb but never got better than 3.5mb so they set service at 3mb (due to line quality issues).

ISSUE: Every day between 7pm and 10pm ADSL service is VERY spotty at best. For most days the service is completely useless during prime time. Other hours service is relatively steady at ~3mb (Down/Up: 3400k/600k) and service functions.

Local representatives indicate bandwidth exhaustion is cause of instability/outages but this was "addressed" at end of January 2012 according to local representative. My daily tests continue to indicate "no usable service" at mentioned hours.

What is escalation path to address this issue?

I've called internet support numerous times and they always put me in the category of "customer premise or equipment" issues. They create ticket with local rep. to check the last mile. The rep. (who has inspected line long ago) confesses it is bandwidth exhaustion to local CO and that other customers have complained as well.

Does anyone have experience in "motivating" CenturyLink to address this issue?

It is apparent to me that local management is slow to address bandwidth exhaustion, the company in general is slow to do so, or they just let tech support bear the brunt of the customer's frustrations. I have received a couple ph calls from front line employees but never a "real answer" as to what has been done or is planned to address this.

I suspect I am wasting my time in this posting but hope that others who haven't yet complained to CenturyLink may now do so after reading this.

Perhaps more publicity will motivate them.

Troy Mcclure

Portland, OR
I'm sure part of the reason they out source support to another country, is so we will give up complaining as most of live in areas with no other internet competition.

File a complaint here... »esupport.fcc.gov/complaints.htm


united state
e-mail them at TalkToUs@CenturyLink.com and they will look into it

Troy Mcclure

Portland, OR
said by BankerMama:

e-mail them at TalkToUs@CenturyLink.com and they will look into it

and then file a complaint with the FCC, after they tell you that bandwidth exhaustion is the cause and they don't have any plans to fix it, but would like you to keep paying them.

Boise, ID
reply to CenTxDon
Hi, Don.

Just wanted to let you know that I'm one of the managers in the executive office of CenturyLink. I'd be more than happy to check into your internet connection issues to see what the problem is and what needs to be done to get this cleared up.

Send me an email when you get the chance. Please include some of the details as well as your account information so I can investigate.

Looking forward to helping you.

@Centurylinkehelp Team


Thanks for the comments from everyone. I sent a detailed email to address provided. Will re-post when/if I get a response/resolution.