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Nashua, NH
reply to exeter

Re: [speed/latency] Speeds slow on 30/15 connection NH/ME

Another banner night for a 30/15 fiber connection in Nashua:

C'mon the U
Wilmington, DE
·Verizon FiOS
So from reading all of these posts...

It's obvious the issue is at the peering router with Alter.net (which has been mentioned many times).

The feedback was that it would be April before it's fixed (ordering additional circuits can take time). I know it must suck, but why would posting every single day before April even gets here make anything better?
"ONE team - ONE city - ONE dream!!"


Stoddard, NH
I personally am glad for these posts - because it gives Fairpoint DSL customers who only recently are getting hit by this issue (like me) some perspective on the situation..

Until recently our connection was through Manchester NH, at some point (??) weeks ago our service was rerouted to Burlington VT, 3x land miles distant from Stodddard, NH vs. MHT.

Over the past few weeks our DSL connection (7M/768k) has been acting up: these posts explain why.

A speedtest at 10pm throughput via Burlington server clocked in at 2.08MB/ps. That is the lowest rate I've ever had with FairPoint, latency was in the 120 range on pings.

So as far as I can tell now, we been bumped to a server 3x further away that has been oversold. So much for the 'good ol' days' of consistent, reliable service..

I dunno what the hell is going on @ FairPoint (yes I know about the proposed April fix) but if this inconsistency is to become the new "norm", I will be looking at other alternatives as well. I sure hope their infrastructure team is reading this forum thread.

Not a happy camper in Stoddard, NH this evening.


Nashua, NH
said by RHALEY3RD:

I dunno what the hell is going on @ FairPoint (yes I know about the proposed April fix)

Dude... This has been going on since at least December of last year. There is no fix coming. FP does not give a crap. There are a ton of people in the dark that have zero clue that they are paying for HSI and are not getting it. It is too technical for most to realize that. Comcast may cost more, but you are getting more. It is that simple. Wish V would come back in our area.


I have the local line tech on speed dial. She always knows exactly what is really going. She knows for a fact that Fairpoint is have routing issues. Her boss is getting sick of the techs being sent out to look at issues that they can do nothing about. She to has heard they are going to be adding hardware to fix the issue "soon", but she doesn't know what that means.