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From Further North

Warning! this is a book!

I'm in the Upper Valley in the Lyme/Fairlee/Orford region.

Since I moved up here, I went through years of Verizon telling me "soon" broadband would be available in my area, that it was scheduled. Then Fairpoint took over, I noticed my place was in their coverage map for broadband expansion, but on calling they said it was not available yet, and no one in my town had it, but would be soon.

Then a neighbor told me someone already had fairpoint broadband in their home not very far from me, I called Fairpoint back, they said no one had it in my town. So I got the name and the phone number of the people who did, and called Fairpoint back, giving them their info, and then they agreed to put out a ticket to the engineer to see if i could get service..

I was then told no I couldn't because I was too far from the station.
Later, I found out the people who did have it were even further away than I was, so I was back and forth with Fairpoint and tickets to the engineers, I was finally scheduled for installation (you can see my desperation, there were no other real options)

I got the 1 year introductory price for 1.5 mb and everything for the entire year worked well, pings in the 60ish ms range, latency was ok for playing a game online, watching videos etc.

I'm close to my trial pricing expiration, and the other day I got an automated call saying an installation was scheduled (I had ordered no installation of anything) so I called Fairpoint and they didn't know why I got a call but an engineer must need to do something so just put it on my account for a certain date.

A couple days later, I noticed there was a Fairpoint flyer on my door, saying they moved me "down the street" and to call Fairpoint if I have any problems.

Since then I've had terrible latency problems with pings in the 200 ms range, I can no longer play the online game I liked to play once in a while, and I get disconnected every 5 minutes like clockwork during the early to later evening hours, with my IP address changing and logging me out of whatever I might have been logged into.

A ticket has been put out for me because I "called more than three times" but so far all I've heard is that an engineer said that it was congested. I've asked them to move me back to whatever I was on before, but no response so far.

They're calling it an upgrade.. it was actually a downgrade (bigtime)
while the speeds are consistently 1.5, the latency and continual disconnects are what get me.

Apparently though, I am now able to order a higher MB service, though I didn't need one, I was fine as I was.

I'm sorry for the length of this, but had to explain the history and wondered If this could have to do with switching from the Verizon backbone to Fairpoints? or am I somehow getting forced into purchasing a larger MB option ? I don't know what to think, when I feel like there's been no straight answer .