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Re: [speed/latency] Speeds slow on 30/15 connection NH/ME

I'm in the Monadnock region and have finally had it w/ Fairpoint. We're switching to Comcast...appointment scheduled at the end of the month. Like everyone else, we're having connection issues in the evenings/nights. They say we can only get 1.5mb in our area, but we had been connecting at 2.8±mb over the past year or so. That is until I called this latest time to complain about our horrible connection quality; download speed was OK, but the ping was in the 250-325 range...you can't do a damn thing with that. They weren't going to do anything because my download number was technically OK...that's when I went off on them. I told them the connection is basically useless because anything that requires a consistent connection, can't be used. They finally started looking into it and their "fix" was to bump me down to 1.5mb. The voicemail the next day said they did this and everything is OK now. Well of course, it's not. Not only is the ping still horrible, but now it's a slower connection speed. F-them....they're a joke of a company and I'm going to enjoy watching them go under.