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Tim Nelen


cost to keep original phone number

What is the cost per month if I want to keep my original phone number?


Charleston, SC

Do you mean how much does it cost to port or move an existing number over to MJ?

If so, it's $19.99 for the initial port fee and it appears to cost $9.99 annually after that. Although, there is some folks who seem to think that the annual fee won't occur.

Tim Nelen

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Some one told me that to keep original phone number there would be a one time fee of 9.99 and then there would be a 9.99 fee per month?


Charleston, SC

The prices I listed is from logging into my MJ account and clicking on the section to port a phone number.


Springfield, MA
reply to Tim Nelen

I suggest that you use MJ for a while before you have your home number ported out to them. You want to make sure that you are happy with the service because it can be a real hassle to port your number back to Verizon or whoever you may want If you d o back to your former provider you will be considered a new customer and must have a credit check, etc, once again. Remember this, MJ and all companies are regulated by the FCC and have just a few days by law to port your number back. They cannot refuse to port out even if you owe them money. A good thing to know is this. MJ will tell you that you MUST pay $30 before they can port your number out/back to another provider. FALSE. Do not pay this fee. They have no choice. They must port the number and they cannot by law charge you. If and when you leave MJ they will send you an email after they have received your porting request. The email states that your number is ready to be ported out after you pay the $30 fee which is included in the email. Do not pay this fee. Do not click anything to pay for this service.


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MagicJack is very sneaky and deceptive about porting. Infact, if you try to find the following info on their FAQ Site, you can't! (You must get suckered first, then you'll learn) so here tis w/ the vip stuff in caps: MAGICJACK CHARGES $30 to port THEN $10 a year EVERY YEAR FOR A PORTED NUMBER. THIS IS IN ADDITION TO TH $20 OR $3O YEARLY FEE. THE BOTTOM LINE IS A PORTED PHONE NUMBER TO MAGIC JACK COST BETWEEN 33% TO 25% EXTRA EVERY YEAR YOU USE MAGIC JACK. THIS MAKES MAGIC JACK THE MOST EXPENSIVE PHONE NUMBER PORTING COSTS IN THE WORLD! That's how much does it cost to port a phone number to magicJack. So you may want to get out of magicjack because besides the poor customer service, the magicjack plus freezes up all the time and is not reliable.'

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Boca Raton, FL
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Buyer beware!



~$20 to port in your beloved number
~$10 every year thereafter for the "privilege" of using MJ's service
~$31 to port your beloved number away from MJ (to a reputable provider)

Many VoIP companies with fixed annual plans allowing (sort of) "unlimited" US/Canada calling, who supply you with a device (ATA), charge nothing to port in a number. This would include VOIPo and PhonePower (although the latter charges a one-time fee of $15 if you opt to port in after your initial on-line sign-up).

Those companies with very low monthly fees and per minute incoming/outgoing usage charges, wherein you BYOD (Bring Your Own Device, generally charge a one-time ~$25 for the port: Voip.ms, CallCentric, Anveo ... all of which are excellent providers with superb and timely support services.

I am not aware of a provider other than MJ that charges annually to maintain your in-ported number ... nor of any provider that charges to release your number when you port out.

Add to this the fact that MJ/YMAX is preventing (blocking) almost all calls from MJ DIDs from connecting to non-MJ numbers in thousands and thousands of rate centers (exchanges) served by small carriers throughout the US.