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Steven Avery1

Roslyn Heights, NY

macro for calling card # ---> access code --> destination


Sometimes nothing beats a calling card, especially on expensive mobile foreign numbers. Portugal mobile tends to be about .30 a minute on the Skype-like products. Calling cards can be found under .10, even without major connection charges, etc. From about .05 to .17. I just did a Skype test and a .05 one worked great (I had to remember to put in an "011" in this case before the country code).

However, Skype (or a Skype-alike) is still often the most fun way to call. Plus computer tech is macro-friendly. So I want to macro-ize the calling procedure in some cases, where I will be making frequent calls to one number overseas.

This could be done with one of the many freeware or low-cost macro programs, externally, although you have to play with the pause issue. Does anyone have good suggestions for more native utilities to accomplish this end ? Or maybe it is a hidden Skype feature .

Access number ... pause...
Pin # ................ pause

Thanks for any assistance and ideas.

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