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Miami Beach, FL

Not honoring web price?

I called today to inquire about the express service tier, newly launched in Miami Beach. According to this link » ··· &page=32, the monthly cost is $44.95. I'm currently paying $39.95 for one year of 12Mbps service as part of a new subscriber promotion.

The lady on the phone told me that the $44.95 price was only for NEW subscribers, and that as I already had one promotional price I wasn't eligible for another promotional price. She instead wanted to charge me $54.95 / month, which is too rich for my blood.

Kind of crazy--has anyone else had similar experiences?



When I had cable at my previous address, they jacked up the Triple Play price to what I considered obscene levels. I was paying $160/month for TV, 10/1 internet and phone and I didn't even have a cable box! Their solution was to tell me to drop my internet to 5/512 because "that's still fast".

I moved in 8/11 and signed up for the triple play in my name. What I've learned is that you'll pay ABB's full rates eventually or you won't have service from them. They don't do anything with retention offers it seems to keep customers, but then again, in their areas, where are you going to run, especially for internet?

In your situation, she was wrong. Here the prices that are listed are the prices on the rate card. They were charging more for Max than MegaMax when they introduced it, but it would have cost more for me to switch to it because it would have broken my Triple Play.


Miami Beach, FL
Hmmm, odd behavior. I guess I'll try calling back and seeing if I have better luck. This time I'll have the presence of mind to point them to the link which shows the cheaper price.


Miami Beach, FL
reply to EnerJi
I changed to 75/5 without any issues. And i am no far away from you. I am in SoBe.