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Caps stifle innovation
Gautier, MS
reply to wired4life

Re: Anything on new Residential or Business plans?

said by wired4life :

I got an account notification from Cableone stating that my rate was going to go from $43 a month (5Mb plan) to $50. I've been with them for 7 years. So hold on to your butts...no more grandfathered in for a lower rate.

I'm switching to Century Link because for a full year (7Mb plan) is about $35 a month and at the 13 month mark it goes up to $45. Still cheaper then Cablenone!

U-verse is in my area (up to 18 meg; funny that I used to only be able to get 1.5 meg DSL here..), but I have a grudge with AT&T so I'm standing my ground with CableOne for as long as I can.

My rate is still $53 per month for 10 meg. I haven't received any notices regarding a price increase at this time.
CableOne 10m/1m


I too got one of those notices. I missed out on the 10mb bandwagon. I don't like the low data caps, but Uverse is like 250GB cap I can get 18mb plan for about what im paying now. This is cableones slick way of forcing you to upgrade or pay more to stay put. I have about had it with Cableone. I would rather stay with a cable internet service i wish we had Charter in our area.