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Knoxville, TN

Persons with toll free numbers can't hear my calls.


I have a Vonage VoIP.

Sometimes when I call toll free numbers (i.e. 800, 888) the person(s) whom I call cannot hear me. I can hang up and call back and then they can hear me just fine.

I can always hear them on the other end.

I am not having a problem with local and long distance calls that are not toll free. It seems to be only toll free numbers for which there is a problem.

Does anyone have any ideas about what might be the problem?



Denver, CO

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It all depends how the call is routed and the route can go anywhere. Could these 800 numbers be in one part of the country ? Example, as a telephone tech (retired) most of my customers in New York City could not make calls to the New England area. Turns out the calls were being routed through a Midwest state and there was a bad piece of equipment between that state and New England. I called Verizon to report the problem and that was how I found out about the route being used.

The only thing I would recommend is before calling Vonage is that you get as much info about these calls, ie Your location, numbers and location of the 800 numbers.


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Have the exact same problem with Vonage and 800/866 numbers. I know of some other people who are having this problem as well. I've heard rumor of a firmware update your Vonage adapter, but i have not confirmed this.


Knoxville, TN
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I am not sure yet but I think that Vonage may have the problem fixed.

They responded to a report I made a few days ago. In the e-mail they said that the problem had been repaired.

However, I had to send them two e-mails before I got a response.

Each of the e-mails that I sent had information they requested - i.e. failed phone number, date and time of call.

I have only made a couple of calls to toll free numbers since Vonage responded. Both calls have worked fine.

It's too early to tell if they have got the problem corrected but we'll see.


Cortlandt Manor, NY
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I wonder if the toll free customer is using 'early media'. This would not be compliant with standard and fraudulently reduce their costs... Callers from POTS will likely not have an issue. Callers from more modern technology (e.g. ISDN, VoIP etc.) would have the issue you describe... The question is: Is this happening on a lot of different 800/888/877/866/855 numbers or only specific ones (the later would raise my suspicion for early media)...
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Knoxville, TN
It happened with three different toll free numbers.

Two of the toll free numbers were to suppliers where the business I work for buys wholesale merchandise. One of those businesses has about 5,000 employees. The other has about 150 employees.

The third number that it happened with was to AT&T. I had to call AT&T regarding my DSL account.

(what's POTS mean?)

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said by JimTrail:

(what's POTS mean?)

May I assume that to be a serious question?

It is an acronym for Plain Old Telephone Service. In other words, the same technology that Alexander Graham Bell patented in 1876.
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I've had the same issue - calling into bridge lines for my work - note that over the past 2 years calling into the same bank of bridge lines - i have never had an issue but over the past couple of months randomly it happens where i can hear others (866#) but they can't hear me .

Either they cannot hear my at all or my voice is broken up to them. Sometimes if I call back there's no issue, other times I can call over and over and they cannot hear me (to check , I've called into the bridge with my cell to see if I can hear my vonage line when i call in afterward).

It's pretty annoying as sometimes i'm on calls that last upwards of 5 hrs - forcing me to use my cell (as i only have vonage as a "land line").

Other than this, i have no issues, have not had issues since switching to Vonage back in 2005 (same adapter too btw).

thanks for any info on this issue