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Peterborough, ON
reply to stoz

Re: [Config] Setup Cisco 877 to work with Bt Infinity

said by stoz:

Hi Paul,

We checked with an IT support company for a router that would do all we required (after first checking that it met EAL4 certification, which we may require in the future). They assured us that 877 would be fine with VDSL so we went ahead and got it hoping to config it ourselves using SDM. So far I massively prefer using telnet to configure it through the console though!

I didn't realise that it'd be so tricky to get it up and running (well, it's probably fairly straight forward if you're familiar with Cisco, but I'm new to it!) It has been tough finding other people who've done it, and re-creating their success.

Actually the only thing I can't seem to do is get any feedback from the router on where I'm going wrong - logging, debugging etc any idea how I can check why it's not working as currently I just plug it in, hope for the best but I'm literally stumbling in the dark with no idea where it's going wrong.

Many thanks for all your help so far I'll let you know how I get on.

How long have you had this router? The 877 is EOL:

(and so is basically its entire obsolete family), so I'm quite surprised somebody recommended it to you. 881, 891 or a 1921/1941 should have been what was pushed your way as far as recommendations go.

Raleigh, NC

Indeed. It doesn't even support VDSL. If you're going to have to use an external VDSL modem, there are a lot of better options. (a cisco device with native VDSL will not be cheap... 886VA or 887VA approx. $500(US))