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This is a sub-selection from AT&T or bust....


Waterford, MI
reply to elray

Re: AT&T or bust....

said by elray:

100 million+ return to the well every other year.
They must be doing something right.

I know why we stuck with them @work year-after-year: At first there was no credible competition, then what competition there was was too expensive. Once those two problems were solved we all but ran away from "AT&T."

Next up: The home phone land-line. (Funny thing, that. Initially it was me that wanted to keep that. Now I want to dump it and my wife won't let me. Shame, cuz the savings would go better than half-way to paying for wireless data for both of us.)

As for broadband or wireless: "AT&T?" Hahahahahahahaha! Not. A. Chance. In. Hell.