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Spaced Out
Aurora, CO

Canceled After 6 Years

I started paying Vonage at $24.99 per month in 2006. Now it's up to $35.14 per month. Over that time no new features were added, really, and the quality of technical service diminished to near zip! I would have been happy to continue with them except for the rudeness of the tech support. I was getting no incoming Caller ID on an intermittent basis. Incoming calls came across as "Unknown". I happen to like knowing who is calling, don't you?

So the technical geniuses at Vonage, after waiting on hold for 30 minutes, would tell me in less than 30 seconds that their computers showed that everything was OK and that I need to call the local carrier; that's where the problem lies, they would say. Well, not having an account with the local carrier, CenturyLink, I couldn't very well ask them to fix a problem for someone who wasn't even a customer. In actuality Vonage was the customer and should have resolved this problem. Instead they blew me off with an excuse and wouldn't even consider that I actually might have a problem with their service.

So, I went with another VoIP provider that is just as expensive as the damage control deal ($9.99/mo + taxes and fees, etc.) that they offered me after my number had been ported and I called to cancel. By the way, Caller ID works fine with the new carrier. I guess it wasn't a CenturyLink problem after all... Was I asking too much of Vonage? I don't think so and the least they could have done is to take my technical complaint seriously. Bye!
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