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Got Mouse?
Bristol, CT

After 10+ years of SNET/SBC/AT&T dsl...Adios

...I have made the switch to Comacast.

No complaints about AT&T (well, very few). For what Comcast is charging me for phone/internet service (I have sketchy cell coverage here so a landline is still needed), for approximately the same price (dsl Elite + phone) I am getting about 4 times the speed, which is hard to argue with.

I feel that I have been one of the fortunate, in that for the majority of the last 10 years, my dsl connection has been trouble free and very consistent.

If I could have kept getting AT&T Elite at a correspondingly lower price, I would have stayed with it, but 6 Mbps (5.1 actually) is no longer a very fast connection by today's standards.

I will never forget the help that I got here over the years...especially MrFixit, who walked me through a number of questions and issues back when I did not even know what a "broadband" connection was!
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Charleston, SC
more than welcome and no hard feelings

what counts is what works best for ya and at the best price..

Danbury, CT
reply to PeteC2
I was lucky enough to get Uverse with better speeds up & down and not go with Concast. No Uverse around you in Bristol yet?
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Madera, CA
reply to PeteC2
I made a thread in Comcast, I'm thinking of doing the same thing. I'm giving at&t a chance to put U-verse in, as they already has a VRAD in but no service yet.

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San Jose, CA
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reply to PeteC2
said by PeteC2:

...I have made the switch to Comacast.

At 10+ years (last May) I bailed. Like you, I had good DSL service. But the last full AT&T bill was for $103 and change (long distance, no-frills local, and DSL). A local (to the S.F. Bay Area) CLEC offered ADSL2+ from their own DSLAM in the CO for half that much. Includes Voicemail and CallerID at no extra charge. They also don't offer 'tiers'. At 9,156 ft we were too far out for Elite, so we had Pro, with measured DL at ~2,500 kb/s (nominal 3,000 kb/s). "Fusion" service lets the DSLAM/Modem negotiate the best speed the line will support; which settled at ~4990 kb/s. Lower bill, higher speed, and no data caps. And the probability that they will roll out FTTP in San José, California in a few years (AT&T likely will not any time in this Century).
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West Hartford, CT
Agreed. AT&T seems fixated on the FTTN/VDSL hybrid that is UVerse. UVerse is what you get when you're too chicken to 'invest' in all-new physical plant to support FTTH. The payoff for being 'chicken' is the beating they're taking from cable companies offering ten times the speeds for the same price via DOCSIS 3.

I'm paying $45/month for non-AT&T 6.0/768 service. The payoff from that is when I call for customer service, I get someone in California in 15 seconds, not someone in Calcutta in 45 minutes. If I call tech support, I get [ready for this?] an actual US-based technician!