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My views are my own.
reply to skeechan

Re: O.k. stuff like this has to stop

You are correct! They did change their terms of service. I called them on this as well... so far, 5 people have "denied" that this is a material change of the terms... in fact they go on to further say that I am no affected by this "change" (remember, there was no change) because I've not hit the cap yet.. (Remember, there was no "cap" before) ... however, this change, they go on to say, does affect all users on the "unlimited" plan. I then asked "what is the speed I will be throttled to (because I advised them I was going to turn on XM streaming and leave my phone on until I hit this cap) and they could not tell me.. this of course was after I asked them what 3G speeds are (she quoted me EDGE numbers) because I also reminded her that I was on an "UNLIMITED 3G INTERNET SERVICE" so throttling my service to that of less than 3G speeds is in fact NOT unlimited "3G data"...

They spun and spun and spun the whole time. It's great that phone calls can be recorded to many of their call centers,.. all of them in fact state that the calls in being recorded at the beginning of the call so the "disclosure" of recording has been made.

...nice huh? (and to note, some of their call centers ARE in fact in 1-party states where recording is legal with out notice to the other part so long as you are the party doing the recording)

But still, I do believe that threatening to terminate service because you won't "negotiate" in a court settlement is in fact a breach or a violate of some law somewhere and while not criminal would in fact come with heavy penalties, fines, awards.. and nasty nasty press.

If this guy is smart, he'll let them terminate his service. It's not like VZ or Sprint doesn't carry iPhones... when this blows up bigger than AT&T really wants it to, he'll wind up with his service back, as it was before this started... and a hell of a lot richer.


Sandy, UT

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Tethering violates ATT Terms of Service. This is very explicit in the contract. The gentleman in question has publicly stated several times that he used all this data tethering to multiple devices. IMO ATT has him, he's admitted to violating the TOS and they can terminate for cause at this point, the likely only thing that will prevent it would be meeting whatever terms ATT wants to impose for the violation.

My views are my own.
Yes.. you are right, he did.. but I could care less about what this guy did - he has nothing to do with what I stated above. AT&T has yet again screwed over the American public.

However, in the guy's case, as it's stated here, they would love to terminate him for not talking to them. They already re-instated his service a while back, put him on unlimited again. AT&T already accepted what he did and moved on.. they can't go back and revisit something they've already CLEARLY resolved.

However, if we were having this discussion PRIOR to his suing for throttling him and he was still tethering his device, then I'd say to that guy.. "flip off dude".. he knew what he was doing then.