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Suspension for Cable Service

I have encountered another problem. In the summer, I am gonna take a vacation for one month. I asked the support group of your company about suspension, and he replied me as follows:

>> With a cable internet service we cannot offer a "suspension" of your service, the only option would be a full disconnection but the cost to reconnect is 85$ and that is not worth it for only one month

I think that "disconnection" (suspension or anything that you call it) does not cost anything for Electronic BOX and this is just a excuse to charge customers continuously!


Montreal, QC

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It seems like there may be a miscomunication, we currently do not offer a "suspension" for any period for any of our clients, what you quoted there was en exert form the email eboxnat sent you earlier.

SHe advised that we do not offer what you are asking for, that in some cases for our clients we can offer a disconection for long term "suspensions" but have no choice but to charge the 85$ fee to reconnect. Our cable provides has not given us any decent options for this type of situation.

Some other providers may offer a month of two of "suspensions" but some other providers will also charge you for some silly things that we don't.

And agian (as mentioned by eboxnat) feel free to contact us with any issue or concern.
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