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Dom. Rep.

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Claro Dominican Republic(America Movil) now offering FTTH.

Claro today announced their new FTTH service, it's only available in some areas of the country and only offered as a triple play bundle, I'll post the speeds and prices(in USD$ instead DR$).

10/1 down/up for $183 monthly
20/1 down/up for $223 monthly
100/5 down/up for $935(this one seems to be internet only according to the info on their website).

Right now I'm using a 2/512 dsl from a different ISP in DR for usd$42, all these prices include a 28% tax, but if you ask me, the FTTH prices are still too expensives with a poor upload speed, I just hope they adjust the prices/speeds and make it available in my area.

Link to their site in spanish: »contenido.claro.com.do/wps/porta ··· a_optica

Edit: I forgot to add, right now there isnt any install fee, but probably a 18 months contract as usual.


Dom. Rep.
Update: price on the 100/5 tier has been lowered from $935 to $800, probably because Tricom just released their docsis 3.0 100/5 offering for $932, which is probably going down soon as well.


Dom. Rep.
Update: price on the 10/1 lowered from $183 to $163, 20/1 lowered from $223 to $196. These 2 plans include unlimited local calls, 600/700 mins international calls, 195 SD channels and 31 HD channels. Looking much better now.