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Hayfork, CA

[DW6000] Time to leave Hughes Net

The old DW6000 looks like it is finally ready to go after 8 years of steady service; maybe I can try the other out of service modems I have used since 1996, joking. Sales, business sales and billing at Hughes Net suggests I should just take my 99.99 monthly payment and go away, or sign up for brand new service with all of the new upfront costs and term contracts, again. I have actually been satisfied with Hughes Net; at least I can send back the SamKnows Broadband Performance Measurement Study router provided for the FCC report to monitor actual bandwidth (not even near Hughes Net/Direcway minimums). Since I have to reinvest I think I will try Excde.

Kalispell, MT
Or you could just purchase an HN7000s modem (new or even used if it's not locked) and continue using your existing satellite and service! You would just call HughesNet and tell them you have an HN7000s modem so they can modify your account to be an HN7000s account and then you would just commission the new modem to your existing satellite and account! That way you wouldn't have to sign a new contract or anything and your service would be "month-to-month!" Or you could upgrade to the new HN9000 system for $100 or so, or wait for the new Gen 4 system to come out! Exede is nice depending on what you do online, but remember faster speeds will only get you to your FAP limit faster and Exede counts both dowloads AND uploads toward the FAP and doesn't offer restore tokens! Just food for thought!


reply to NorthCounty
Exede also offers no download zone either. 10GB is not a lot of data in a month. Be careful with that too...because Viasat is not enforcing the data caps right now. I think they are waiting until they get more people locked into 2 year deals before they spring the data caps on poor, unsuspecting users. By then, it will be too late for the users to do anything about it but buy into higher, more expensive packages.


Hayfork, CA
reply to NorthCounty
Purchased an unlocked hn7000s, same problem, system light and transmit light fail most of the time; also picked up a LNB with identical part numbers, installed with the same results. I can setup 11 to 4 PDT downloads and most mornings files have been downloaded and modem will continue to work until 7am. Thanks for your suggestions.


Columbia, LA
I was a Hughesnet customer for years also. I too finally gave up and joined the class action against them.

Since then, I've switched over to 3G wireless service, and I'm satisfied considering the only other alternative... I admit that I've spent around $200 on components, but I own the equipment outright. You can remove $130 of that if you don't require a RF amplifier.

This is just FYI... Something to consider!


Ada, OK
After being stuck with DirecWay/Hughes since 2005, we were finally able to get service with a WISP. They set up on a radio tower about 6 miles away and after cutting down about ten trees we are now good to go.

Fittingly it took 3 calls and 45 minutes to get Hughesnet to cut service. On the last one the CSR made all kinds of offers to get me to stay and even tried to tell me the drawback to a WISP. What a laugher that was.

Goodbye Hughesnet. Now I will laugh at your commercials instead of seeing my blood pressure rise (" download a whole album".....yeah right).

I suggest checking anyone on Hughesnet to keep checking around. Took several years but the WISP thing finally panned out here.