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« just 5% of all Verizon users use 4G
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Buffalo, NY
reply to thegeek

Re: Funny

Did you read anything here? 750 k isn't a lot of people in a state the size of Alaska and nothing compared to New York or California. The article is in fact about 4g. How many markets Verizon is and will offer it in. Who cares if Alaska is specifically talked about not getting it. I don't care about Alaska. Not in this sense.
Due to the number of outages and constant issues I've read about in the news and experienced here in Buffalo I'm just saying I'd like to know how many markets are actually getting proper service. I'm not and haven't since the I got my upgrade. 3g seems fine though.

Also crab fisherman don't wake up in the morning and say boy I really need to get Flatline some crab. They are going to make money. Don't make it more than that. Many love to be out there as well. Another reason why they do it.

I'm also really bothered about your comments about our service men and women. They get my thanks regardless. All in all I was poking some fun at Alaska because the poster above complained about lack of 3g coverage which in spite of your efforts to prop Alaska up on a pedestal doesnt seem very advanced.

So.... way to flex your degree in Google search but it was all over your head.