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Light Will Pierce The Darkness
Nepean, ON

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reply to mozerd

Re: [TV] Further Proof NextBox wasn't ready to launch...

Forgot to mention that Shaw's offering is not only dramatically Superior but Shaw customers pay 50% less to acquire the gear -- NOW CONSIDER THAT !!!


The Shaw Gateway Experience

the cerberus

Richmond Hill, ON

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Yes, its too bad rogers is in bed with cisco/scientific atlanta for ontario and wont use other hardware.
With that said most cable providers in the US that use this hardware have much better software running on it.
Some suggestions if rogers is listening:
Features should include channel icons, color coded guide by theme, search by theme and title, and not in some convoluted apps menu, it should be integrated into the guide with the A, B, or C buttons.
All these things were torn away from me when rogers purchased shaw territory years ago.
Rogers VOD takes a very long time to load up initially, as well as load a video and sometimes even causes boxes (specifically explorer 8000), to reset entirely.
The HardDrive on all models are spinning/making a lot of noise almost all the time as well.

Cable has a big advantage, it can be split very easily, so boxes shouldnt be limited to 2 recordings at once, each pvr has 2 tuners and should expand the total amount of recordings you can have at once all shared by any hd box or hdpvr.

Nextbox is kind of a joke.
2 steps forward and 3 steps back.
Its forward that it has an HD guide, but its a step back when they scale the video in the guide so small and dont take advantage of the space with the text like show more time on the guide at once.
Its forward that it has multiroom pvr, but its not forward when you cant schedule recordings from the non pvr boxes. it also has a low limit on the number of pvrs you can have.
Its forward that it has search, but you have to go out of the guide and manually select it.
And the worst step back, my favourite option browse by theme is gone. This is really a deal breaker for me, they have a few poorly implemented features and kill my favourite feature.


North York, ON
reply to mozerd
Shaw needs to come back to Ontario....