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Toronto, ON

Can't call my brother and mom's cell?? Only these 2 numbers!


I've had Vonage for almost 2yrs now but about a month or two ago, i noticed that anytime I call my brother and mom's cell which is on T-mobile network, I get the "Call cannot be completed at this time. Please try again later." recording.

I've managed to get through to my brother sometimes during day time over the week but night time or during weekend: NEVER.

They're in California and all other California area codes work. Even our landline at home works but I can't get through to these two cell phones. All other cell numbers in the US work too.

What's going on here?

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Sounds like a routing problem with whatever LEC handles that particular telephone exchange. Were these always T-Mobile numbers, or were they ported from another carrier? Sometimes, a number port can result in routing problems.

You can go to »www.telcodata.us/telcodata/telco to try to find out the original LEC for those numbers (the original LEC is still responsible for a number even if it has been ported). For example, my Vonage number is handled by XO, but my AT&T Wireless numbers are handled by Cingular.

The problem will likely need to be handled by your brother's and your mom's carrier since it is their phone numbers that can't be reached. You could of course, try Vonage support, but I suspect that would just be a frustrating wasted effort.
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reply to AR
Go here: »www.vonage.com/call-completion-w ··· zard.php and fill in the form to quickly open a support request.

Premium,ExMod 2001-04
Toronto, ON
reply to NetFixer
I opened up a ticket and it's been escalated within vonage.

One of these #s was ATT and the other was always T-Mo. There never was a problem till very recently.