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Middle River, MD

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Redskin/Raven thread.

Started a "Rams" thread, but really would like to have a local football thread....
I know interest is ho-hum for losing reasons, but I really see positives and would like to keep things up to date, kind of a FYI thing so you don't have to do heavy reading but if someone at work says something, we can sound intelligent

No Zibby, Skins signed Brandon Meriweather former Bears/Patriots safety, 2 Pro bowls and is 28. One safety replaced one more to go (Atogwe and Landry gone)

This follows the acquisition of WRs Pierre Garcon and Joshua Morgan (49ers/VirginiaTech). Should give Helu more space to run, and Hankerson will now be very nice depth.

Adam Carriker resigned.

Now we wait for the expected QB draft of Robert Griffin 3rd

Corner Back just got shored up with the signing of Cedric Griffin, "recovered" from tearing both ACL, but may be moved to safety.

Need to sign Fletcher, and some OL, CB help/depth.
I know, I know this is the skins.... but I've liked what I've been seeing since Shanny arrived. I wasn't thrilled with the heavy price we paid to move up, but from what I've been reading, it was a bidding war with Holmgrem and the Browns,basically the same offer, Holmgren saying he lost out because of friendships between managements.... if RG3 is worth it, we will see old bandwqagons being brought out of storage.... but I have no idea, taking a QB is always a crap-shoot (Akili Smith/Andre Ware/Heath Redskin as likely as Manning or Ryan/Rivers)

Been learing/following Ozzie's latest game plan.
LG Ben Grubbs gone, was expected due to high $$ (Saints)
LB Jarrett Johnson gone, disappointing but looked planned (Chargers)
S Haruki Nakamora gone (Panthers)
S Tom Zbikowski gone (Colts)
DE Cory Redding gone (Colts)
This is all dollar allocation, can't do what they must/have to do and do also what they want/would like to do. Not working with a salary cap.
Felt the shock last year with Mason, Willis, Heap, Kelly Gregg cut, and the Front Office plan turned out nice.
Now 3 starters and the 2 top special team tacklers, no idea what the plan involves but I know they have it covered with plan a, b, c, .....
Birk resigned for one more year, Offer to Eagles G (Mathis) which the Eagles may match, I worry about losing LB Jameel McClain, but know if it happens, they got it covered.

Combine over, free agency is shaking out, getting ready for the draft....
Was a Cruise Fanatic, one cruise on Princess cured me. Bleah