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Colorado Springs, CO
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Re: [HD] Get Ready for "Ultra-HDTV"

1. One of the reasons DirecTV is bandwidth limited is the HUGE number of sports channels available on their service. Basically it's what the available bandwidth is used for that's part of their bandwidth problems. This is a little different from frequency bandwidth. Call it "number of channels bandwidth."

2. Comcast has a similar bandwidth limitation problems as DirecTV has, except different programming choices from DirecTV. One thing Comcast has done here is they have dropped a number of HD channels including some of the Starz and Encore feeds and added some others such as BBCAmericaHD, HUBHD and BloombergHD. They've also converted all the analog channels to digital. Frequency bandwidth is now maxed out with their current physical setup.

3. For any of these providers changing the encoding algorithm generally means a change in STB hardware. A firmware change won't do it. Comcast has > 20 million subscribers with probably an average greater than two boxes per sub. Lots of cost there to replace them. I'm pretty convinced that to really increase the bandwidth cable companies must either increase their frequency bandwidth to at least 2 GHz or go to fiber to the home. Again, maybe replacing cable boxes and other parts of their physical plant. Very expensive. Otherwise they will continue the programming-change-dance.
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