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Here come the drums

Any nice places to live in London?

I'm going to be traveling to Europe, to the UK toward the latter part of the year. I am going to be looking for flat and would prefer it in a very nice area, not near any council estates, etc.

One of my friends has recommended Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea as places to look. I looked on a few sites, but I don't know what the good sites are for looking for property in the UK.

Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I Am The Man Who Was Not There.
Reston, VA
Not an expert on this subject, but I think the Brits and expats most likely to be able to help you really need a bit more information.

What's the duration of your tenancy requirement? (Yes, that can make a considerable difference.)

What the cap on how much you're willing to spend (monthly) in pounds sterling, not dollars?

What do you desire in the way of accommodations? (bed-sit, studio, 1, 2, 3 bedrooms, etc.)

Are you going to lease a vehicle? If so, are you looking for garage parking or on-street?

You can certainly find some very nice accommodations in London, just be prepared to pay for them!

As for proximity to council housing, I think you're going to find very little in London that is not 'near' council housing (thinking in American terms of what constitutes near). Unlike us, the Brits in general do not have huge tracts of upper-class housing segregated from low-income/public housing. It's much more of a cheek by jowl affair over there. I've spent considerable amounts of time in low-income areas of London; crime (by American standards) is quite low in general.

A lot of lets are privately listed (and especially in the general category you appear to be interested in). Would probably be best to work through one of the more reputable estate agencies with a large number of properties available for short-term lets. I'll leave it to those more knowledgeable to make some recommendations in that regard.

And make sure any estate agents with whom you may deal understand that you're looking for a place after the Olympics!
Joseph V. Morris