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Annapolis, MD
reply to Terri

Re: how close can a cell tower be to a house?

The "I have wifi at home" argument isn't really valid: as 4G networks are rolled out more thoroughly, the voice services on your phone handset will be moved over to the new technology and the older systems will be decommissioned. These services need a solid network to fall back on if wifi is unavailable. Do you trust your $50 linksys router to handle 911 calls?

I like having public sewer service. I realize that the typical American thinks public sewer service is a basic utility, and the infrastructure that supports it is necessary and justified. However, it'd be unreasonable to expect me to accept a large sewage treatment plant being built across the street from my house. It's not unreasonable to expect me to accept a small lift pump shack to be installed across the street from my house. I see your DAS installation as more of the latter.


This is completely false for this specific DAS, I have 4 bar reception with AT&T and have one of this poles in front of my house. Also, there is another DAS in the same area with a different set of poles from Next G for Sprint...talk about efficiency and collocation!