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Silver Spring, MD

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reply to The0_o

Re: [Raiding] LFR asshattery

Did a quick run last night on my bored as hell DK.

Got one shot by thrall during Madness.

However the asshattery Doesn't start until Deathwing Dies.

4x Maw of the Dragonlord Drop. now with 6 healers (priest, pally, shaman x2 and Druid x2) only 2 should leave without one.

pally, shaman and Druid x2 wins them. Priest drops a sadface.
Druid then says

"Wow i won another one, Sweet".

Then drops Group

"There is no good. No Evil. No Light. There is only PIE"



After reading over the mists postings at other websites I believe they fixed LFR looting in the best possible way that they can.

I like the idea of gear dropping solely for each individual in that setting. I almost wish they'd do it for everything that is using a pug tool. Don't really want to see it for regular raids, but I'd be ok with it in regular 5 mans.

We'll see how it turns out, but this and AoE looting were way over due IMO.

Nick D
Orange, CA

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I'm still confused as to how that works. And I'm posting my questions here in hopes that someone has read something clarifying elsewhere.

If you "win" (the definition of which seems to be TBD; top 10? roll above a number on a /roll 100? I think I read something saying they were undecided), you get a piece of loot from the boss's loot table that your spec can use (I assume this will be smarter than it is currently and not ship boomkins agility rings). Is the entire loot table from that boss, or just 1 of the things that "dropped"? If there's multiple things that could be useful for you, such as a tier piece and bracers let's say, do you get 1 randomly, or do you get to choose?

Examples using current bosses very acceptable.