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[FiOS] What happened to www.ncnetwork.net?

When I first got FiOS, I could log into www.ncnetwork.net to configure things like secondary email accounts, but now this domain just redirects to frontier.com. My secondary email account still seems to work for the time being, but I can't find the equivalent functionality anywhere on frontier.com, so I'm worried that this is just another transient "glitch" like the new billing system that will rectify itself in time and cause it to stop working.

Is anyone else in the same boat, and/or figured out how to get at this functionality on the frontier website? Nobody I spoke to at Frontier seemed to know anything about ncnetwork.net, so I wondered if asking here might be more effective

Everett, WA
ncnetwork was what was essentially Spinco the part of Verizon that Frontier took over. Because of the high costs Verizon was charging Frontier switched their systems off of ncnetwork this month.


reply to a5b
Chawk12 is correct but here's the new link to manage your email addresses.
It's now called the Frontier Account Editor via the Frontier Secure site.