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Nine Zero Burp Nine Six
Toronto, ON

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reply to BliZZardX

Re: START has a Discussion Forum at DSLR !

said by BliZZardX:

I use that mini-bar to access fav forums and new posts too. Where is the green + though and what does that do?

green button is on the mini-bar, U press opens up a flyout dialog where you can choose the icon you want on your min-bar to 'identify' the forum, and you can add a title to it too. The icons are fairly stock, nothing particularly "iconic" as far as themes go. When you're on a page you allready have an icon set for there is no green button because now its a red one to do the opposite and delete that icon from your mini-bar. By the way theres also a mini-bar config manager HERE

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Toronto, ON
If I click the mini-bar wrench I only get Location and Icon size options, no green buttons

This seems pretty unconventional, how did you learn about it?

I've been using Favourite Forums literally for as long as I've been registered, but the forum has to be on a special list in order to be added by users: »/forums/all?ch ··· choose=1