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Motorola 2210...ATT firmware request

I have a Motorola 2210-02-1006 and ...-1002 and neither of them can AT&T get to work with their newly "Upgraded" (downgraded if you ask me) U-verse network in my area. I am told I need a 2210 who's model number ends in ATT. I was wondering if it is just a matter of firmware, can I download, and update/downgrade the firmware to the correct version without buying yet another modem just to find out that one does not work either.

If you are wondering, I am tying to get around using the Motorola NVG510 that came with my new U-verse service. IMO, this modem/router is a POS. Very slow on reboot, redirects me ALL the time to the GUI, even after service is restored, internet is slower than when I was running DSL Ultra with a 7 year old modem, and lastly, the built in router's security options suck.

So, if any of you have any feedback, please let me know, thanks.


The 2210-02-1002 and 2210-02-1006 are not going to work with uverse internet
The uverse model number is 2210-02-1att and the software versions it uses are 7.8.1r7 and 7.8.1r9
said by daritarian:

I am tying to get around using the Motorola NVG510 that came with my new U-verse service

It's very likley you won't like the 2210-02-1att
uverse internet uses a unique method of authencitation this prevents the use of modems not issued by att


Bellevue, NE

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THE ONLY DIFFERENCE IS THE FIRMWARE! AT&T gave its employees access to the bin file needed to perform this simple upgrade. The product is not an advantage at all but only meant to screw over its union employees into lower wages. For business purposes, the NVG510 is a joke. But it does supply faster speeds IF you're close enough to the CO. However, if you're a gamer. do whatever you can to keep your ADSL connection. You'll get better/faster pings with an ADSL modem.