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Get caller ID through network

Just opened a acct with the purpose of testing it and eventually replacing my landlines. So far been reading and learning the documentation.

I'm particularly curious about a particular application: I would like to be able to get incoming caller id data thought the lan on my computer as soon as a call is ringing. Not as a plain screen popup but in a format that can be used in a script (like a php database lookup).

I'm running ubuntu and would initially use ATA adapters and analog phones. (softphones don't suit my needs)

voip.mas has an API that provides call details but data is only available after a call has been completed. Not while is ringing or in process.

I'm familiar with APIs, php, xml, etc but very newbie in ip telephony.
Is there any place where I could read incoming caller id in any format, either from or from the ATA?
Ideally it would be an API call, a url that i could scrape or received as a GET or a POST.

I haven't bought an ATA yet, in case only some models offer this feature.

I believe this feature would be possible if I setup my own asterisk or similar, but having even another machine running at home just for this would be a very last resort.

Any help would be much appreciated.



I'd like to see an answer to that too.

For now, what I'm doing is just install a voip softphone like x-lite and read the caller ID that way. And the nice things is that it keeps a call history.


Scarborough, ON
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Here is one idea:
•Create a sub-account; -CID
•Create a ring-group; MyDID
•Associate both the account (or sub-account) that your ATA is using and the -CID with the ring group MyDID
•Set the routing option for your DID to the ring group MyDID

At this point, all with work as before. However..... now the magic can happen... you now need a simple SIP client (maybe a perl or python script) that registers with using -CID as the account.

Now, when an incoming call arrives, all accounts associated with the ring group MyDID will receive the call; so this includes both the ATA and your script. As to what your script does with the CID info in the incoming call is up to you.


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I made some interesting progress:
»Re: Get caller ID through network

So far it works with analog calls. Expecting my ATA to arrive soon and start testing with SIP.