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This is a sub-selection from In all Fairness...


Bowmanville, ON
reply to IncogNico

Re: In all Fairness...

The Update and 'solution' has been as follows;

1) an offer was made by Teksavvy for the "Mistake" that they acknowledged they made. The offer was weak at best! Offering me a DSL setup at a "reduced" installation (part of a promo they are running right now) as well as a reduced price modem (also a promo they have running atm).
Is this a deal? NO it's an insult if anything! At this point their error cost me my deal with Rogers ($200+/year) and about another $50+ in activation fees so sign up with another ISP. Tek's "deal" would have cost me more for a far inferior service!

2) My refund was sent in the mail (snail mail) so chances are I will not see it for 3-5 business days, and it was sent out on the Friday after they told me my service could not be connected. The fact I do not have another $250 to sign up with another ISP until I get my refund back from Teksavvy means that I will be without internet for at least 10 business days!

THANK YOU TEKSAVVY!!! (min 10 business Days...WTF!)

3) I had sent an IM to Marc, the person who has been in touch with me since my first post, to see if there was a way to expedite the funds for the return on their end... I have yet to hear back from him. I called into Teksavvy and spoke with Accounting and they told me nothing can be done, unless a 'higher' up tells them otherwise.

So for the 10 business days I will now be without Internet; No Skype to my family in Germany/Florida, what do my kids do for research on their projects? the remote access I need for work? my wife to keep her occupied during her healing process...?? You see how deep this actually goes!!

I don't think that some people realize how much we (as consumers) rely on the internet on a daily basis for so many things and that something as 'simple' as switching ISP's (if not done correctly) can affect a lot of avenues in ones life!

Overall opinion;

Would I recommend Teksavvy now that I had the pleasure of dealing with them on a few levels...

well that is yet to be determined!

I can see a few changes that should be taken seriously by the management.

Try to "fix" their site and make 100% sure that if they say they can offer a service, that they actually deliver!!
Refund policies should be done faster to those who have been negatively affected by a fault of theirs, so another ISP can be initiated during the critical timelines. (i.e. rogers requires 30 days cancellation notice, Teksavvy can not set up a transfer of accounts until at least two weeks prior to the "cancellation" / Transfer date, setting up another ISP in case Tek drops the ball another 10 business days!) so where is the room for error you ask? well, there isn't any!

Do not insult someones intelligence by offering them a special "deal" for an error.. by offering a deal that is a promo running at that time! It's not hard to find the info on the website and "special" deals should be just that.. a special deal!

Simple Business Rules to live by;

'Solutions' the answer to all of life's problems

If you make a mistake, own up to it and fix it at all costs!

The Customer is the most valuable asset, without them you would not have a business.

'Errors', we are all human... we will make them! It's how we resolve the issues that set us apart form the competition

Customer service IS the most important part of any business.

~~~So here I am at the 11th Hr waiting to be able to make my next move~~~


Bowmanville, ON
Well, Money received today via "Snail Mail"... (10 days after they found out they could not service my area)

Still not a call back or IM from Teksavvy...

It's a shame really... I really wanted to switch to them when it became available in my area.

I guess in the "New" business world no customers matter anymore!

In My experience; Teksavvy will seem to care, but will end up treating you just like any other company will. You will be just a number, and that is a damn shame!

My word of advice to anyone looking to switch;

1) make 100% sure they have service in your area
2) Don't expect anything but a cheaper monthly bill (compared to the alternative ISP's)
3) Customers are pawns and are replaceable...
4) The company has nice enough CSR's that speak YOUR language!
5) The service, if available, seems to be great according to most people I have talked to.

I am just really disappointed that I was left hanging in the end of all of this, but life will go on!
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This is a sub-selection from In all Fairness...