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JP Tremblay

[AR] COX Business SMTP forwarder

We sell printers and copiers to people who have a scan to email function. Almost all our customers use cox business for their internet connections.

Used to, we could setup their machines to send to to forward their scans to their hosted exchange servers. However, this host is now gone.

Does cox offer a different one?

Richardson, TX
Yes, they have specific SMTP relay service for business customers

However, it is not turned on by default to keep SPAM down.

Have your customer call their local Cox Business support or sales rep to get the details on how to have their static IP added to the SMTP relay allow list and to get the address of the server

reply to JP Tremblay
Its still on for default for people on a Cox Business connection and using DHCP right?

And forgive my ignorance, but if you have your own exchange server, I assume you have your own domain that has a MX record no? Why not just drop a CNAME for a SMTP server and use your own server for outgoing? I may not know your entire situation though.


Fayetteville, AR
Na it's all hosted exchange, most of these customers have offices with 4 or 5 people in them, they don't have domains.

Then if your using static IP's for their WAN connection to ISP, and they are NOT running a mail server on site, then I would fallow bbeesley's advice and call up Business Support.

If your using a DHCP then it should work, and if it isn't check to make sure that printer is running of a network that is connected to a Cox Business connection. I mention this because Smarthost will NOT work on a Residential connection, even if there is a business account at that same address. Also watch out for roaming wireless connections and network with Dual WAN's.

Once that has been confirmed, and your using a DHCP off a Cox Business connection, then its possible your DHCP is "new" and not on the Smarthost list.

Actually here is a very detailed support article. Might as well get it straight from the horses mouth.

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