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Landing is the REAL challenge
Columbus, OH


When I originally toyed around with the idea of x86 router distros, I settled on smoothwall and loved it. The user mods/addons really made it stand out to say the least. And I'd probably go back to it as well if I jumped on that bandwagon again.

Original setup was an old Compaq machine with a K6-2 processor, 256MB ram if memory serves, and 15GB disk drive. Red interface was a cable modem with a 768/128 connection and green was fed to two DD-WRT'd routers set up as switch+AP boxes. Adding in user addons for tight squid caching control, detailed QoS with virtually unlimited rules, and web filtering for specific family members made it worthwhile. Not to mention little novelties like playing particular tunes out the PC speaker for power up/power down notifications. Nothing like playing the Adam's Family theme over the PC speaker when the router came back up after a reboot. :P

Next run through playing with an x86 based router I'll probably hit pfSense first, but Smoothwall is always going to have that attraction for me.
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