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Anaheim, CA

[Cam] So confused on what large sensor camera to get?

I recently sold all my DSLR equipment & lens, etc. I want to get a P&S that will take its place. Now I know these smaller cameras all have draw backs and nothing yet really can replace a large DSLR camera. But here is my dilemma, & hopefully I can get some direction on where to go?

Canon: G1X
Looks like a GREAT camera with amazing IQ, however all the reviews I've read all point to the same thing. One it's at least 150.00 over priced, the MACRO on it is horrible, & the auto focus is very slow. Well for 800.00 it needs to be simply an amazing camera at that price & those draw backs seem to serious to me. I like to take pictures of food & that MACRO problem could be an issue.

Sony NEX5N
Looks like a GREAT camera with good IQ, but it has a large lens that sticks out & as my friend says "If you are getting a camera with an interchangeable lens, why not just get a DSLR"? I think the Sony does not do so well when it comes to fast shooting & high ISO enviroments. Also I've read it's difficult to use?

Canon G14
My friend says this is the camera I should get it has a GREAT price point, does a great job with pics, but it's getting pretty long in the tooth & I dont want a camera that is getting rather old in the tech arena.

So what should I get?
I like to shoot mostly outdoors
Macro (food, flowers)
Hiking trips
General use

Stupid people really piss me off.
Erial, NJ
What about all the Micro 4/3 cameras?

I haven't looked too much at it, but what about Oly's new OM-D?

Fuji X-100 or X pro-1?

Panasonic LX5?

Smaller sensors, but Pentax Q or Nikon J or V?