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Iowa native
Springfield, MA
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[SWX] More Tornadoes Possible this year in Western Mass

As we all know New England and its crazy weather, we are having record warmth this March. I am wondering if this means we'll have more tornadoes in New England this year (and long-lived destructive ones). I grew up in Tornado Alley (Iowa) and I know severe weather very well. I even knew a kid that lived in a town that was destroyed by a tornado (Washington, IA 05/15/98 which occurred on the anniversary of the Charles City/Oelwein tornadoes on 05/15/68). Fast forward to when I moved to Mass in 2002 and I thought the weather in Mass was quiet until 06/1/11 when an F3 tornado leveled parts of Springfield MA. I have never been that close to a tornado until the Jun 1st tornado in Mass and I lived in Iowa (Tornado Alley) for the first 18 years of my life. I was at the Holyoke Mall at the time the tornado hit. The city had tornado sirens dating back to the cold war era but they have fallen into disrepair since they are not a priority.

The Midwest was pretty good at picking up the pieces after the storm. Here in Springfield, there is plenty of cleaning up left to do and it's nine months later. I am starting to think that our weather is turning more violent such as the Joplin tornado having a fatality count that has not been seen in tornado climatology since 1953 (the last year with 100+ fatalities from a single tornado). Not to mention the Tuscaloosa tornado on 4/27/11 and tornadoes hitting outside tornado hotspots like Springfield MA. I am a trained skywarn spotter and my only regret is not chasing the tornado but I was driving someone else's vehicle and could not risk damaging it which is why I was at the Holyoke Mall so I could shield the vehicle from the hail in the parking garage.

Technically feasible
West Hartford, CT
Tornadoes used to be rare in New England, but the changing climate has made them more common lately.

The closest we come to having a tornado season here is June and early July, although one of the more memorable tornadoes to hit CT occurred in October [10/3/1979].

Last year's weather was unusual, to say the least. This year's weather has been nothing short of bizarre. I'd advise the folks in Holyoke to fix those sirens.