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Toronto, ON

Need help with dsl, always disconnects...

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Not sure what the problem is, i keep on getting disconect about every 7 minutes from my dsl, i'm using distributel. The green dsl light stays solid, my line seems to be clear, ie, no static. I even changed my modem, but same thing happens, green light is solid, it doesn't blink when i get disconnected.

I also try connecting straight to my pc without router, same thing happens. I get disconnected...

Its pretty consistent though, 6-7 minute, it will disconnect. Is it just the isp, or is there something wrong on my end? Using them for 2 years, seems fine til the last month.

Pretty confuse, in the past, i could point to line problems, but this one is puzzling me... changed modem, modem doesn't seem to be the problem...