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Re: Gov't FTTH

Well, you wouldn't have to build a national FTTH network to start addressing the problems. You could start by not letting ISPs buy state-level laws prohibiting towns and cities from wiring themselves. You could focus on getting open access fiber builds up and running in real problem areas using a combination of public/private funds and then allowing ISPs to layer in and compete. You could work on political reform to stop lobbyists from buying Congress. You could stop subsidizing mega-carriers for doing nothing. There's a universe of real reform that could happen, none of which actually is.


Toledo, OH
what problems? You have choices for broadband; Lets see; Comcast TWC, WOW! RCN, Cablevision, ViaSat, U-Versee/ATT, and many other indies that this site is always raving about- where they're pulling a Sprint and trying to build 2 networks.

And Cities should NOT wire themselves. They are there to PROTECT not to profit off people. Cities and towns go out and start shopping for bonds that takes YEARS AND YEARS to pay off and are STILL in debt. That bond money should be going to pay for services the people NEED that the city provides; maybe a new fire truck or 2, new police cars, new EMSes, should i go on?

And why should the gov't step in? Private companies fill the caps as needed and where needed. And people are free to start their own ISP.


Hazelwood, MO
You really do have no clue.

Naming every ISP out there doesnt show competition. In virtually every single market you have 1 or 2 choices of actual broadband. If you are very lucky you may have 2 or 3.

Cities are there to serve their people the way the people want to be served. If they (the people) decide they want to put up Christmas lights on every house, tree, bush, and building in the city and and want the city to do and vote to approve it, then the city damn well better be putting Christmas lights up and figure out how to maintain it. In the same sense, if a city is not happy with the incumbents and the people want to have the city serve them broadband, then the city is obligated to serve them. THAT is the reason the are elected.

Now move along so the adults can talk.

Terrell, TX