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Far from competitive

With our supreme court recently voting that corporations have person hood, or representation under the constitution like real living people; it puts legitimacy for the buying off of senators, spending millions to lobby etc.. Corrupt Oligopolies is what we have now. May be hard to prove, but definitely unwritten collusion is all over the wall.

In countries like France, one can get up to 100mb connections for far less then the states. Its what happens when you allow more competition into the mix. The fact is, under Pres. Reagan the Sherman antitrust act was thrown out. Corporations went to bed with the government and the consumer got screwed.
I'm sick of those that keep saying we have a free market. How is that free? When everything is slanted to benefit a tiny percentage. Nothing will change until the supreme court's ruling is overturned. Start enforcing the Sherman antitrust act once again and get big money out of politics.. That's a big order and probably won't happen until we have a total financial collapse like that of 1929. I'm pessimistic being the law makers are the ones that have to vote for change and they are the very ones benefiting from taking the money under the table. Only a complete meltdown of the financial markets would put pressure on the lawmakers to do the right thing. And that's exactly what they did in 1929.


We have become a plutocratic oligarch nation, where our future is determined not by the people but whomever has been appointed to the SCOTUS and their political ideology.

In terms of getting screwed, it's no coincidence that during the 1929 Depression, 1987 recession, and now the devastating 2007 recession, congress was controlled by Republicans.

These people have always put lining the pockets of their masters over the best interests of America and 'We the People'.